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Friday, April 02, 2010


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The universe is beautiful, because god is love, The flowers are beautiful, because some leaves of love, The blue sky is beautiful,Because there BaiYunZhi love. Earth is beautiful, Because have friends love! My wishes through space sent to you!

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a very inspiring book! it really has a good reviews and i wish you all the best and good luck!


The other shore is getting closer. You're eyesight just isn't as sharp as others! :) Keep paddling. You and C4:12 make a difference.

Kids Hoping

This is a powerful analogy. Thank you so much for sharing it! I, too am in the middle paddling, aching for the shoreline wondering if I am even paddling in the right direction! It is refreshing to know I'm not alone.

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I have heard great reviews about this book. Makes me want to buy one and read. :) Thanks for posting.


This is exactly the part of the book that touched me deepest.

Just keep on Keepin On!

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