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Friday, September 10, 2010


Church building

There is probably no more pressing matter facing the Church right now than is the need to establish missional communities that will both live/be/carry the Word within the larger community we call ‘the culture’ and, at the same time, serve as a place of union and shared activity between established churches and emergence Christianity.

full tilt

Parfois, seule Overshot, vous le savez, comment avez-vous ...

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make community further from the church.

Bi Sadong

Transform the people because there is no we can change the church.

Inya Kawin

We can never transform the church.

Laura Hoy

Kirsten, I feel the same pull in the work I do trying to build bridges and engage relationships with a suburban church and an urban neighborhood. I can get so full up in the work to help teach and engage folks, that I find myself at my desk or in meetings all day and not with friends in the very neighborhood I feel called into. The competing nature of this is so very hard...but I too believe in the coming together for mutual growth, and so we march forward. Thanks for sharing.

Markin Ambuh

I would say transform the community and not the church.

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