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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


shiva shankar shah

real meaning of jesus is to live for one another as he has sacrificed for us we should follow his ways of living for others.

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Jesus presented a view of God as more lovingly parental, merciful, and more forgiving, and the growth of a belief in a blissful afterlife and in the resurrection of the dead.
The Church Fathers of the early centuries further defined Jesus' identity as fully God. Ancient and medieval thinkers, such as Augustine of Hippo, further defined Jesus' divine and human natures. Enlightenment and Reformation theologians concerned themselves less with defining Jesus' identity as with understanding his work in redemption.

Leslie Friesen

Hello, we are a small church plant in Dallas, Oregon. I have the pleasure of developing our website (www.dallaschurch.org). Would it be alright if I borrowed the "Serve One Another" graphic on your website? I'd be happy to add attribution, if you'd like. I'd like to use it as "slide" that folks click on to go to a list of service opportunities available in our community. Thank you for your consideration! Blessings, Leslie

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