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Thursday, August 28, 2008



No offense, but the most recent comment shows a lot of ignorance. Regardless of which candidate one supports, I would hope for more informed statements. That's not the kind of face I want to put forward as a Christian community.


I don't think that MLK is pleased at all with Obama:

Obama does not believe that Jesus in the only way to heaven. Obama is pro abortion. Obama does not believe in biblical marriage. Obama thinks Islam is a peaceful "religion" (Bush is wrong on that one too). Obama is NOT a Christian! Wake up people!

MLK would consider the "Obama DREAM" a nightmare.

Eric Bramlett

I have a feeling that it has more to do with a Republican woman than it does one who hasn't 'earned' her place there. And after that speech last night it's clear that she's not only a woman but a leader. And potentially a great one. It would be a shame if politics got in the way of noting such a strong, self-reliant powerful woman who has become governor of one of our 50 states without McCain's help.

Desiree Guzman

It's true that history will be made either way, but the circumstances are very different in each case. Obama has won a hard fought primary to get to where he is. Sarah Palin got picked by McCain, not by voters. If Obama wins it will be because America has decided that they want him for President. If Palin wins it will be because America has decided they want John McCain for President. History will be made either way, but I don't think both results have equal historical weight. I'd love to see a woman leader in the White House, but I'd feel best about that happening because a woman had really worked and earned the position fully on her own merits. Sarah Palin seems like a confident strong woman. I don't mean to say anything bad about her. I just don't think the two situations are equal in terms of how far we've come in our thinking. And maybe I'm a little skeptical as I wonder if the pick McCain made is mostly about who he thinks would best help him govern (especially since his main complaint about Obama is lack of experience) or who might best help him get to claim a "history making" role and not be left out.

Eric Bramlett

And after McCain's pick for VP, now history will be made regardless of who wins the White House...

Desiree Guzman

One day we'll tell our grandchildren about it and they will be astounded that there ever was a time it wasn't possible. What a great time in history to be from Illinois.


One step closer for sure


I talked to my class about this very thing today.


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