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Monday, January 19, 2009


Bill Mosby

News for anonymous slave descendant: the executive can't expropriate anything. That would take congressional action. And good luck separating the payers from the payees. Simple skin color won't cut it.


It was never about a social relationship with whites. That idea came about when white liberals, like the lady holding the black baby, hijacked the white controlled media sound bites of what they preceived Blacks are thinking. Its about the wealth, the redistribution that is going to happen with or without Barack. Obama is merely adding to the already laid pavement that began long ago designed for a Slave Descendant to reach the position of President of the United States. For a Slave Descendant to elevate from the unjust riches that were made off their Ancestors to occupy the White House has yet to come.

For the people

The Man Barack Obama is going to make history because he is the first Half WHITE man ever elected to the office of President of the USA.
He is famous for doing nothing. He has a terrible record in the senate with voting decisions and often never voted at all. He is afraid to take a firm stand on any issue. He specializes in no vote, absent, sick, not present and no as his vote. Also was always late for sessions. He didn't do shit as a senator. He promised the people of Illonoise he would complete his full term as senator serving the people of this state for his full term if elected. He LIED. He abandoned the people of Illonoise and his word means nothing. People are blinded by the color of his skin, which his is tan-brown not black! He tries not to offend anyone because he is already starting to run for re election . He won't be able to make hard decisions because he is afraid to lose votes. He is a LIAR! He was well taught by his mentor-preacher whats Write and wrong in this world.
Thats why he is always so vague when he says anything. Never any details, never firm statements. He only wants to make nice nice. Go to the senate voting history page and see his voting record for yourself. Many senators are the same way. No wonder little ever gets done and what dos takes so long. We are all in big trouble!

david hippo

Bad presidents come and go but their Supreme Court selections last for generations. The current majority looks more like the Dred Scott court than the Brown v Board of Education court. Clarence Thomas is certainly no Thurgood Marshall.

I was a working class white kid who attended all-white schools. Nevertheless, I was profoundly affected by Dr. King's message. I still remember whites and blacks singing "We Shall Overcome", arms interlocked, at Dr King's funeral. That is the direction I hoped our country would travel. We subsequently travelled a long way down the wrong road. But I'm more optimistic than I have been in a long time that we are on the right road now.

Bill Mosby

There is a certain MAGIC in these poll results. However, we should not RUSH to judgement, as polls rarely are without error and are not timeless.

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